Paul Sarrazin

Paul Sarrazin Originals

These are a collection of songs and song ideas I have composed, performed and recorded over the years. They are in various stages of development from simple ideas played on acoustic guitar to more fleshed out multi-layered recordings. These are works in progress; really just a hobby that I enjoy.


"Duet" - 2008
-Acoustic guitar accompanied by sampled drums. Sometimes I put the drum track on an mp3 player and play guitar along to it live at open-mic events.

  "Rockin' Tune No 001" - 2008
-Rock song with electric guitar and bass and sampled drums. Recorded the same way I create rough song ideas for the band Uncooperative Death.
  "Untitled Acoustic" - 2007
-Solo acoustic song. Recorded in one take on a nylon string guitar as part of a Christmas gift.
  "17 Cheryl" - 2005
-Electric guitar with layers of harmonies. Old song I wrote years ago. The recording is not great but there are many harmonies all made with electric guitar sounds.